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Lowestoft has had cannons of different kinds for defence, since about 1660.

Between the years 1774 – 1783 Lowestoft had been issued with four 32 pounders, and South Lowestoft with 32 pounders from the Board of Ordnance for coastal batteries. Lowestoft had one company, called Standish's Company, of gunners. Their headquarters were at Woolwich, they were stationed at  Lowestoft.

By 1793 – 1815 Lowestoft had been issued with fifteen 32 pounders, and six 18 pounders.

Outside the Lowestoft Museum Broad House is displayed a cannon, known as a Minion Largest, from about 1685 – 1710.

It has a 3.25 inch bore firing a ball of  3lb 12oz weight.

During the second world war 1939 – 1945 it was buried with other cannon